Matlab Stand-alone Licensing


A stand-alone installation of Matlab does not require network access to the campus license server. Matlab instead uses a local license file specific to the system where it is installed.

Installation on personal systems:

All Matlab for students installation are stand-alone and do not require access to the Georgia Tech Matlab license server.

Faculty and academic staff can perform a stand-alone installation of Matlab on their personal systems.

What is covered by a stand-alone installation?

Stand-alone Matlab installations are covered by the TAH license. Therefore only Matlab and the toolboxes covered by the TAH license will be installed and available for use without a network connection. This is referred as a TAH stand-alone installation.


Currently there is no cost associated with a stand-alone Matlab installation.

Additional stand-alone toolboxes can be purchased by individuals for an initial price + recurring maintenance fees. Please contact for more information.

How to request a stand-alone license if you are not a student:

Stand-alone licenses can only be requested by faculty, academic staff and IT support personnel (excluding GTRI) by sending an e-mail to