Matlab on Campus

Georgia Tech licenses MATLAB, Simulink, and toolboxes

The MATLAB Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license:

  • Available to faculty, staff, and students for use on both personal and GT owned computers.
  • All commercial use is prohibited, including any use by GTRI employees (unless enrolled as a student) or on GTRI equipment (contact GTRI IT Support).
  • All Matlab toolboxes are included: see list for mode details.

How Do I Get MATLAB (including Simulink, and Add-on Toolboxes) ?

Installation by Students, Faculty, and Staff on a personal machine or Georgia Tech laptop:

Students, faculty, and staff may download an individual stand-alone copy of the software for each of the machines on which you are the sole MATLAB user (includes office and personal machines). Visit the new Georgia Tech’s MATLAB portal to begin the software download and activation of the license. Follow the step-by-step installation guide by clicking HERE.

Please note that you will need to create a Mathworks account using your Georgia Tech primary email before you can get access to the portal. If you have a previous account with Mathworks, you will have to contact them in order to associate your identity to the GT contract. See the Overview of how to use the Georgia Tech’s MATLAB portal to understand the process better.

Stand-alone installations (vs the network license) will need to be re-activated once a year. Click here to see instructions for this process.

Installation on a Georgia Tech system such as office desktop, lab workstation, classroom, server or a computer lab:

Download MATLAB via and follow the installation instructions for networked systems. Using the network license server is highly recommended and eliminates the need to individually re-activate each installation every year.

You are a Georgia Tech Student, Faculty or Staff who want to use MATLAB but do not have access to a machine:

You can access MATLAB remotely in one of the virtual desktops available via VLab. Please visit

You can also use MATLAB from a web browser for classroom type work. Login with your MathWorks Account to

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